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General Release Notes

2009/12/02 1.0.1477

posted Dec 2, 2009, 1:33 PM by Site Mgr

Zoom-In and watch the big guy move! Double tap the figure, in the lower left, to see more detail.

2009/11/21 1.0.1455

posted Nov 21, 2009, 10:41 AM by Site Mgr   [ updated Dec 21, 2009, 5:05 AM ]

New vantage point, in lower right, always shows the front of the body.

2009/10/30 1.0.0000

posted Oct 30, 2009, 11:22 AM by Site Mgr

First release of SMF Tai Chi HR, the Healing Round. Every transition is depicted from two vantage points, with both a 2D over-head view and 3D class room view.

2009/09/25 1.0.383

posted Sep 25, 2009, 9:21 AM by Site Mgr

21 new exercises in the "Intermediate round"!
Advance your balance & strength with more work in single weighted postures.

2009/08/24 1.0.333

posted Sep 25, 2009, 9:08 AM by Site Mgr   [ updated Dec 21, 2009, 5:08 AM ]

The Step animation display now features full body figures. 

Tap to select. 
Drag to scroll. 

Click on the top video, "NEW in version 1.0.333", to see it in action.

2009/03/03 1.0.093

posted Mar 3, 2009, 7:18 AM by Site Mgr   [ updated Dec 21, 2009, 5:08 AM ]

Visualize a series of postures at a glance with the position icons that depict your orientation and weighting. This illustrates the similarities among positions thus, simplifying the choreography. Use the icons as "memory pegs" for waypoints in the form.

The Body Oval received an additional indication depicting the direction of your nose and navel. The small circle is your Dan Tian.

2009/02/03 1.0.055

posted Feb 19, 2009, 7:05 AM by Site Mgr

Tai Chi is an art of movement. All movement emanates from your center. Your feet connect to the earth to give you purchase but are driven by your center. This release introduces the "Body Oval" to help you visualize the wave of energy that directs your limbs.

2009/01/13 1.0.001

posted Feb 19, 2009, 7:00 AM by Site Mgr

Initial Release

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